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Host a CMI Class

Mobile Training

Hosting a CMI class is easy!

You provide the training facilities and we do all the work!!!

CMI training courses are hosted by law enforcement agencies nationwide. Host organizations partnering with CMI to provide training receive one (1) free slot for every ten (10) paying students (20 paying = 2 free slots, etc.) In return, CMI uses the host’s facilities (at no cost to CMI). CMI will assist the host organization in the national marketing of their school and the host promotes the training program locally.

Hosting a CMI course has more benefits than just the free slots. In addition, you also get to pick the dates that work best for your agencies schedule and you can request what instructors you would like to have teach your course. We do our very best to accommodate the training dates and instructor requests, both of which are dictated by availability and on a first come, first served basis. 

We make hosting a training program very easy. Our experienced and dedicated staff will take care of all the administrative functions related to your school including registrations and payments.

Thirty days prior to the start of any course we must have a minimum of 10 paying students for our five day programs and 15 paying students for our one to three day programs or the course can be cancelled. Therefore, the marketing efforts of the host are critical to ensuring the program is conducted. We recommend all training be scheduled at least 5 months in advance to ensure there is enough time to market the event. 

CMI is also happy to conduct closed training events that are only open to our host’s employees or guests. Pricing for these events is negotiable if a high volume of students is involved. These courses require no marketing by the host and can be coordinated with CMI very quickly. Contact our training coordinator for more info at .

To host any of our training programs download our Host Agency REQUEST and return it to us with the dates and instructor(s) desired. Our staff will respond to you on the next business day. 

Classroom Requirements:

  • Seating for up to 20 students.

  • TV or LCD projector / speakers and a grease board or chalkboard.

Mandatory Range Requirements:

  • 20 yard range for pistol schools / 100 yards for patrol rifle schools / 200 yards for sniper schools 

  • All target stands, backers, targets, staples, staplers and first aid kit

  • For sniper schools, areas for field-craft, urban hides & scenarios. 

  • Assorted glass to shoot - with tarps and trash cans for cleanup.

Desirable Range Attributes (not mandatory):

  • Ability to night fire on at least one night.

  • Moving target system. 

  • 2nd range within walking distance so that simultaneous ranges can be run at once.