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Sniping Packages

Image titleSniper Kits

At CMI, we are well aware that various sniping missions have differing equipment requirements. For instance, a sniper or designated marksman assigned to an infantry unit will want the most rugged, reliable, and lightest kit possible, while a police sniper is not as concerned with kit weight, but rather kit steadiness to help ensure precision during hostage rescue engagements.  In addition, a military special operations sniper encounters a wide range of circumstances and missions, requiring great flexibility from the kits they use.  Therefore, we offer these kits to help combine the equipment that we know works best with our products. This saves you time, money, and frustration in trying to select the perfect combination of products that will provide you the best results.

The four packages that we offer combine one or more of our Sharpshooters® Rifle Rests, a Manfrotto Tripod, and our Sharpshooters® Tripod Scabbard (the scabbard is an upgrade to the Enhanced Mobile Shooting Package).

These packages save the buyer roughly 10% over buying each item separately.

Mobile Sniping PackageEnhanced Mobile Shooting SystemModular Shooting PackageSniper Weapon Tripod Kit