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Customer Service & Safety

Our 3,000 square foot showroom is completely dedicated to concealed carry gear and garments for private citizens. Our firearms selection will consist of that which is conducive to defensive applications for private citizens, and as appropriate, offensive applications for law enforcement. We will carry a wide variety of firearms supplies, accessories, and training aids. In addition, our own line of logo wear and firearms related accessories will be available for the first time to the general public.

One thing that any patron of virtually any gun shop or range will immediately notice is our unwavering dedication to safety. In 16 years of training thousands of law enforcement and military personal from all over the country, we have learned to master the art of respectfully reminding people about basic firearms safety. A unique safety feature built into our facility is “dry fire booth". It has been our experience that there is nothing more unnerving than standing next to someone at a sales counter in a gun shop or range who is pulling the trigger on a display gun and not paying attention to muzzle discipline. In CMI’s showroom, the only place that pointing a barrel anywhere but the ground will be standing in our grout filled cinder block dry fire booth. We believe that this feature will make everyone’s time with us much more relaxed, enjoyable and safe.