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Rifle Rests

Sharpshooters Rifle Rest

Sharpshooters Rifle Rest

Center Mass, Inc. is committed to assisting you in achieving a first round hit every time you go to the field. The Sharpshooters® series of rifle rests are combat proven, field expedient, shooting platforms designed for experienced marksmen, who desire a variety of rested observation and firing positions. They are an outstanding option to have for long duration surveillance operations and when the environment or circumstances dictate an unrested standing, kneeling or sitting position shot.

Mini-Sharpshooters Rifle RestTactical Sharpshooters Rifle RestTSSR II Conversion KitSharpshooters Quick Release Rifle Rest
Mini-Sharpshooters® Rifle Rest
Tactical Sharpshooters® Rifle Rest – Gen. II
TSSR II Conversion Kit
 Sharpshooters® Q-R Rifle Rest

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Manfrotto Tripods & Accessories
Sharpshooters® Tripod Scabbard
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