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Qualification Insignia

Police Qualification Badges

Our logos, badges, and insignia are currently used by thousands of law enforcement agencies worldwide. CMI’s insignias are professionally crafted and are worn on everything from duty uniforms, dress uniforms, t-shirts, casual clothing, plaques, stickers, mugs, caps, hats, and a myriad of other items.

Our insignias assist our clients with instilling a sense of individual pride and professional accomplishment in the officers who earn the right to wear them. CMI does not set the criteria for earning these insignia. That is the job of your agency. You set the standards and you award these insignia per your agencies policies. We are simply the manufacturer of these awards and we are happy to supply you and your agency with them.

SWAT Operator 
Tactical Patrol 
Officer Insignia
Patrol Rifle & Sniper
Qualification Tabs
SWAT OperatorTactical Patrol Officer Patrol Rifle Badge
Sniper Badge

Generally, we keep large quantities of stock items such as pins and patches on hand at all times. We are extremely blessed to have the support of so many loyal customers. We thank you in advance for your business and most of all, for honoring our copyrights and trademarks.  


We are happy to incorporate our insignia into custom t-shirts, polos, unit patches, coins, pins, plaques, and darn near anything you might want them on. 

Customized LASER engraving
Plaques / Guns / Anything 
Customized APPAREL
Patches / Pins / Coins
Custom laser engravingCustom embroidery

CMI is the sole owner and reserves all rights to the SWAT Eagle insignia (aka SWAT Operator logo), the Tactical Patrol Officer’s insignia (aka Ready Response Patrol Officer logo), the Patrol Rifle Qualification Tab insignia and the Police Sniper Qualification Tab insignia. These marks are the exclusive property and Registered Trade Mark ® or Copyright © of Center Mass,® Inc. (CMI). Duplication of any CMI insignia or logo, to include any variations or derivatives thereof, without the expressed written permission of CMI, is illegal and unethical. Unauthorized duplication of any CMI insignia, design or logo in any manner whatsoever, to include any unauthorized sales, are strictly prohibited.

We have spent a considerable amount of time and money securing all the artwork, screens, templates, copyright assignments, copyrights, and trademarks to protect our investments.This is how we make our living and how we control the market to ensure our customers receive the highest quality of work for their money.