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Center Mass® welcomes potential dealers worldwide. We manufacture and distribute lines of high quality logo ware, combat proven rifle rests, and our acclaimed patrol rifle integrated magazine pouch.

Our trademarked and copyrighted logo ware lines are proudly worn by thousands of active duty, reserve and retired law enforcement officers, across the United States, and many other countries. These designs are universally accepted by the profession as its standard qualification designators for SWAT Operators, Rapid Response Patrol Officers (Active Shooter), Patrol Rifle and Sniper trained personnel. We have worked very hard over the last 16 years to carve out this niche in the LE market, and we now own it! Our LE clients have given us their trust, and we will not fail them.

The Patrol Rifle Integrated Magazine Pouch was launched in 2009. It is just now hitting its stride. Although it was developed for the LEO, many other shooters are beginning to see its benefits. In addition, the LEO’s keep coming up with new and innovative uses for the product, and sales are on the rise.

Our Sharpshooters® Rifle Rests are the products that our company was founded on in 1996. This line appeals primarily to the military, but also to the LEO and hunting markets.

To become an authorized CMI Dealer, fill out the attached Dealer Application, and email it, or fax it back to the attention of, Brian Wojcik.