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Police Sniper Instructor School

Police sniper instructor school

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This MCOLES approved / 302 funded course April 23-27, 2018. This 5-day, 40+ hr course, runs $799 per student. Members of the ASA or your state’s tactical officers association receive a 10% discount upon request and proof of affiliation.

DESCRIPTION: This school teaches various methods of training police snipers. The focus of this school is on instructor development, training organization and execution, liability reduction, operational tactics and advanced sniper topics such as moving targets, intermediate barriers, angle shooting, night vision and urban tactics using academic and practical teaching methods. Instructors should already be proficient snipers and must have attended a basic sniper school prior to attending this school. Graduates of this course will be able to instruct basic and advanced precision rifle marksmanship to the police officer and make educated recommendations to the administration on deployment, equipment & policy issues for the SWAT environment and sniper unit. Every graduate will have demonstrated proficiency in the weapons use from various shooting positions from 5 to 200 yards. Instructors will be exposed to moving targets, low light shooting, engagement of multiple adversaries, hostage rescue evolutions, judgment and scenario training, angle shooting if facilities allow and intermediate barrier engagements.

STANDARDS: This course it is performance based and requires students to pass a written examination and our qualification course of fire.

EQUIPMENT: Sniper rifle (recommend .308) with quality scope, sling, binoculars and carrying case (pelican type case and dragbag). 500 rnds of match grade ammunition, cleaning equipment to include a one piece rod, jags, solvent, and oil. Data book, 2 sets of BDU’s w/ boonie cap, camouflage gear and paint, cold/wet weather gear, flashlight w/red lens, duty belt, communications gear, hearing & eyeprotection, sunscreen, insect repellant, glove for weak hand, lunch and plenty of water for each day.

LODGING: Holiday Inn Express 4350 Pontiac lake Road, Waterford, MI  48328 Phone: 248-674-3434

                   Use Code: CMI - Reservations must be made by April 19, 2018

Event Details

Date April 23 - April 27, 2018
Time 8:00am - 5:00pm
Price $799.00
MCOLES Approved - 302 Funded
Multi Lakes Conservation Center
3860 Newton Road
Commerce Township, MI 48382
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