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Patrol Rifle Integrated Magazine Pouch

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U.S. PATENTS NO. 8,231,038 / 8,733,606 B2 / U.S. DESIGN PATENT NO. D624149

Rifle ammunition, on demand, when your officers need it the most!

Patrol Rifle Integrated Magazine Pouch

Patrol Rifle Integrated Magazine Pouch

In confronting violent criminals or terrorists your patrol officers will be first to the fight. Instantly multiply their force and increase their survivability by issuing them this affordable and common sense solution to carrying a second patrol rifle magazine.

This device allows an officer to carry a second AR type rifle magazine securely on their duty belt in a manner that looks sharp and very professional. This is accomplished by joining the Patrol Rifle Integrated Magazine Pouch with the officers issued pistol magazine pouch or other duty gear. This gives the officer a comfortable and secure point to carry either a 20 or 30 round AR magazine while not taking up any additional space on their duty gun belt.

Integrated Magazine Pouch

Patrol Rifle Integrated Magazine PouchIMP side viewIMP w/pistol mag pouch attached and a 20 rnd P-mag inserted


  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 4.25" tall
  • 3.375" wide
  • 1" thick
  • Weighs 6.2 oz.
  • Fits on virtually all 2.25" wide by .25" thick gun belts
  • Injection molded
  • Made of durable polymer materials that are operational under extreme environmental conditions
  • Product life span is 3-5 years
  • Replacement parts availble


  • Use virtually the same muscle memory to reload the patrol rifle as is used for the pistol.
  • Increases training proficiency
  • Reduces malfunctions that weapon mounted pouches and cinches cause
  • Gives officers extra ammunition on thier person


  • Accepts most 20 or 30 round 5.56 mm / .223 caliber AR platform magazines
  • Open top design provides quick access to rifle magazine
  • Rubber traction strips on each side of the pouch retain the magazine even if inverted
  • Shim the retention strength to your desired tension
  • Conforms to virtually any uniformity requirements
  • Can be worn vertically or horizontally on the gun belt
  • Accessories can generally be mounted to the Patrol Rifle Integrated Magazine pouch either vertically or horizontally.

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  • Warranty is one year from the date of purchase and is limited to defects in materials or craftsmanship. 

  • Normal wear and tear, misuse or product abuses are not covered.