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Live Fire Training Simulator

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CMI is the authorized CAPS Dealer for the Great Lakes Region of the USA. We are proud to affliated with CAPS and we want to be your supplier of the CAPS DVD live-fire video simulation firearms training system. Hone your unit’s firearms and judgment skills with the actual weapons and ammunition they carry on duty. 

“Your gun, your ammo, no excuses”

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We highly recommend this simulator as we have been using it since 2003 in our firearms training courses. Students who have been in officer involved shootings have told us that their experience training on the CAPS live fire training simulator played a significant role in their success. At CMI, there is no greater validation of a training method than that feedback from our students. We can also whole heartedly recommend this product for multiple other reasons:

- It is portable.
- Usable indoors and outdoors
- Low cost (approx. $50K) compared to   other simulators on the market   ($100K+)
- Comes with over 1,000 scenarios
- Has the capability to allow you to   produce your own scenarios
- Requires no firearm modifications
- Can be used from 0-100 yards
- Has replay capability to show exact shot placement and   officer reaction time
- Simple to operate
- Low maintenance
- Allows judgment training using all force continuum   options
- Usable with virtually every firearm in your arsenal
- All that is required is a power source and a method of   keeping light from striking the surface of the projection   screen.

You won't be reaching for a paintball or laser gun on the street. So, hone your firearms and judgment skills using your weapon and ammunition.

Zuchel v. City & County of Denver, Colorado, 997 F.2d 730 (10th Cir. 1993) The city of Denver was assessed damages of $330,000.00 for “deliberate indifference,” i.e. inadequate training of their officers in the use of deadly force, specifically because the training did not include “live fire, shoot-don’t-shoot” training and practice.

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