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Firearms Instructor School (Pistol & Patrol Rifle) May 13-19, 2019

Firearms instructor school

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DESCRIPTION: This 7-day, 60-hour course instructs the student how to conduct safe and relevant semi-auto pistol, patrol rifle and officer survival tactics training for members of their agency. Students should already be proficient in the use of these firearms. 

Periods of instruction include weapon safety, training environment safety, presentation skills, training and course of fire development, nomenclature, weapons maintenance and inspection, deadly force case law, training record keeping, organizational risk reduction, judgment in the use of deadly force, what to do after an officer involved shooting, various methods of instruction, the fundamentals of marksmanship and combat shooting to include team tactics. 

Dynamic training evolutions feature extensive coverage of basic skills and drills, then progress to a number of advanced courses of fire and techniques including: movement and shooting on the move, moving targets, multiple adversaries, engagements through intermediate barriers, use of cover, shooting in low light conditions, weapon retention, stress inoculation drills, use of a handheld and weapon mounted flashlight, all manner of positions, one handed shooting, disabled officer/wounded re-function techniques and other relevant officer survival skills. 

Each graduate will be able to make recommendations to their administration on deployment, equipment, tactics and policy issues. Every graduate will be proficient in range safety operations and various methods of instruction. 

This intensive instructor course focuses on academics to set the foundation and then features a high volume of range time as our aim is to impart information to develop a fundamentally sound and defensible firearms training program for the agency while providing realistic training that can improve your officers and citizens safety. All material is designed to be relevant to the law enforcement officer. In order to accomplish all these tasks we utilize a very aggressive schedule in order to provide the attendee with the most thorough and well-rounded firearms instructor course possible. 

Note: Students should be in good physical condition to attend this course.

STANDARDS: Because this is an INSTRUCTOR course, it is performance based and requires students to pass an assigned project presentation, demonstrate their ability to run the range safely, 4 written examinations and 2 qualification courses of fire.

EQUIPMENT: Semi-automatic pistol, 1,250 rounds of pistol ammunition with your duty rig including at least 3 magazines (5 if carrying a single stack or less than 8 round capacity). A patrol rifle, 1,250 rounds of ammunition and at least 2 rifle magazines. Iron sights are recommended as learning how to zero metallic sights is a course objective. Combat optics are permissible. A high intensity handheld flashlight with spare batteries, pistol and patrol rifle cleaning gear, writing materials, 2 dozen business cards, billed baseball type cap, wraparound protective eye-wear, hearing protection, bug juice, sunscreen, lunch for each training day, ample water, cold weather / rain gear and any additional training aids or materials which you wish to use in the course. Personal body armor is mandatory.

INSTRUCTOR: Rob Donaldson 

LODGING: Holiday Inn Express, 46194 N. I-94 Service Dr., Belleville MI 48111. Phone: 844-247-0567 Code: CMI

Event Details

Date May 13 - May 19, 2019
Time 8:00am - 5:00pm
Instructor Rob Donaldson
Price $899.00
MCOLES Approved - 302 Funded
Sumpter Twp. PD
23501 Sumpter Rd.
Belleville MI 48111
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