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Custom Laser Engraving Services - Ordering Information


All laser work is done on a per quote basis. Base pricing is as follows:

Laser Engraving/Etching$45 and up
Art Design Fee$30 and up
Shipping - Handgun*$30
Shipping - Rifle*
Shipping of most small parts*$15
Shipping of other large/bulky items*
By Quote Only

* Insurance is included. All items shipped by Center Mass Inc. must be insured.

Ordering Process

Our stock items (not customized) are available for sale on our website.

To order custom engraving work, please follow these steps:

STEP 1. Complete our Laser Engraving Order Form and return it in person, email it to us at, or fax in to 734-425-2216. 

We do not take orders over the phone, but please do not hesitate to to call us with any questions at 734-425-2195. Ask for Chaz.


STEP 2. Ship us your item and a copy of your completed Laser Engraving Order Form. If it is more convenient, you can also drop off the item at our store.

If you are shipping us a handgun, we also require a copy of the registration in your state, as well as a copy of your current drivers license or state identification. We are a FFL dealer, so you can ship firearms directly to us and we can ship them back to you directly. 

PLEASE NOTE:  When shipping a firearm to Center Mass Inc., you are required to adhere to all applicable local, regional, state, and federal restrictions and abide by all carrier regulations. Center Mass Inc. now offers incoming FFL transfers. For more information on incoming transfers, please visit this page.


STEP 3. We will work with you to develop your custom image and prepare a quote for the work. Proofs of the image will be sent to you and modifications can be made based on your feedback. Once you are satisfied with the artwork design, we will laser engrave your image and return it to you.