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Basic Police Sniper School

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This MCOLES approved / 302 funded course April 8-12, 2019. This 5-day, 50+ hour course, runs $699 per student. Members of the ASA or your state’s tactical officers association receive a 10% discount upon request and proof of affiliation.

DESCRIPTION: This school lays a solid educational and practical foundation. The focus is on operational tactics such as field-craft, observation, reporting, range estimation, urban tactics and marksmanship skills with emphasis on the cold bore shot. Other areas of instruction include the mechanics of the rifle and scope, ballistics, the data book, hostage rescue engagements, intermediate barriers, night fire and moving targets. Students should be in good physical condition to attend this course.

STANDARDS: Lives depend upon the police snipers skill and ability. Therefore, this course is performance based. We teach the basics and then demand that the student perform under pressure using time, physical exertion and the unknown to simulate the moments they may encounter prior to taking a shot in a real time situation. They must pass daily cold bore shots with a 60% average, a comprehensive written examination and our qualification course of fire which includes alternate shooting positions, ranges from 25-200 yards and moving targets. 

EQUIPMENT: Sniper caliber rifle & sling. 500 rounds of match grade ammunition. Data book, camouflage BDU’s & boonie cap. Binoculars, camo stick or face paint, insect repellent, cleaning equipment (one piece rod, bore brush, jag, solvent, patches, & oil). Hearing protection, clothing appropriate for conditions, lunch for each training day & ample water. Flashlight (red & white lens). Canteen / camelback.

LODGING: Comfort Suites, 28049 Wixom Rd., Wixom, MI  48393. Phone: 248-504-5080. Use Code: CMI 

Event Details

Date April 8 - April 12, 2019
Time 8:00am - 5:00pm
Instructor Felts
Price $699.00
MCOLES Approved - 302 Funded
Multi-Lake Conservation Assn. 3860 Newton Road Commerce Twp., MI 48382
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