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Active Shooter Response

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CMI is very proud to have been one of the very first commercial training companies to offer active shooter response training. We started this course in 1998, pre-Columbine, and continue to teach it today. Although some aspects of the course have changed since 1998, its fundamentals are essentially the same. It is formatted for quick learning and is completed in one 8 hour training session. 

Active Shooter Response: 1 Day โ€“ 8 hrs / 1-5 Officers $150 each / 6 or more officers $99.00 each. Click here for a complete course outline

This course focuses on recognition of the active shooter incident and rapid response tactics that can be used to isolate and contain the threat. The course will assist your agency and school district in its pre-planning for such an event and illustrates tactics and techniques responding officers can use to stop the violence and save lives. The morning session is all classroom and the afternoon is practical application scenarios. Subjects to be covered: traditional patrol response to the critical incident, immediate entry (When & Why), recommendations for teachers & students, numerous scenario driven exercises, the school administrations responsibilities, principles of hostage rescue, ranking of individual safety during HRT, examples of current policy, tactics & techniques for immediate entry, officer down drills and the police executives responsibilities.

ยท     Equipment: Duty belt w/holster & handcuffs, personal body armor, flash light, clothing appropriate for conditions (warm โ€“ cold โ€“ wet weather), hand gun w/no ammo or magazines, patrol rifle w/one magazine and no ammo and eye and ear protection.